And the blogging begins!

Well, we have been talking about it and now we are finally doing something about it!  We are officially blogging!!  This is not too different from LiveJournal…right?

Anyway, formal introductions:  Hello world!  We are Krystian and Mary and we. are. awesome.  On top of being awesome, we are soul-mates who are artsy, gluten-free, go-green, dog-lovers (Macho – the Pitbull & Kalypso – the Spanador)… among many other things!  We also are the owners of our new online Etsy shop, sameKVintage. 

After having met each other last summer (after knowing each other for almost two years – another story for another day), we both knew it was meant to be and our love for each other has been growing stronger ever since.  We cannot imagine spending our lives with any one else but each other and because of that, WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!! 

Big introduction, huh? 

We are getting married this Fall (2013).  We have not officially picked a date or a setting but it is happening and for those of you who follow, you will be kept updated!  We are having a 1920’s style wedding with lace and lots of handmade goodness all around! 

As mentioned above, we own a vintage shop together (  Well, the whole purpose for this shop (besides it being tons of fun) is to help pay for our vintage wedding!  So, please feel free to browse around and contribute to the cause… only if you want!

Among our vintage adventures, you will get to first-hand experience snake-hunting, craft projects, gardening tips, gluten-free recipes, our pets, and general tips on being awesome!

We look forward to what’s to come!Image


One thought on “And the blogging begins!

  1. Hi Guys! I was with my daughter, Rhonda Pressgrove (GOTJUNKINOURTRUNK), and had the pleasure of meeting you both at one of your sales. We were in GulfShores for a ten day vacation, although Rhonda spent a great deal of time, business, on the computer. …. I just want to wish for our new-found friends, a great fun-filled life, overflowing with God’s prosperity, peace and love. … DON’T MISS A DAY OF ‘THE SIMPLE’ AND ADVENTURE ALONG THE WAY!

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