Nerd Event 2013 (Repti-Con) Navarre, Florida

Now that you (our audience) know how much we like critters you can imagine how excited we were about attending a nearby reptile expo.  This is Mary’s first one to attend while I have been to numerous expos.  While this was not the most impressive expo I have attended, it was a good ice breaker for Mary’s first of many experiences and we came out of it with a couple of new additions.

For those who have never been to a reptile expo it can be describes as a bunch of critter nerds and enthusiasts (consumers) getting together at a giant pet shop (reptile expo) and buying new pets and sharing stories with the vendors (breeders) & fellow nerds.  Breeders from all over the nation get together and sell everything from spiders and centipedes to alligators and turtles.  Whether you go to an expo to buy a new pet or not, these events are great for families and children as they double up as an exotic zoo.  These events are good exposure for kids and people with fears of these animals because you can get up close and interactive with them and you have an expert who will be glad to talk to you or your kids about their passion.

That being said, Mary and I met a breeder named Dan.  Dan sold us our news pet(s).  We originally bought a juvenile female albino corn snake from Dan for Mary.  This was the snake the stood out to Mary, thus, it became her first snake.

Mary's first snake purchase!

Mary’s first snake purchase!

Now it was my turn to pick out a snake – “Oh the pressure!!”.  The snakes I had my eyes on were out of the price range of what I’m willing to spend.  So after walking around “my pick” several times we finally went to Dan and asked him if he by any chance he had a woma python…at his house he did!!  His price was reasonable, just one catch…we have to wait until after the show and follow Repti-Dan to his house.  This was exciting because now Mary was able to see what a breed facility looks like, and what a breed room!!  The animals were healthy and seemingly content, the breed room was clean and smelled like a well kept reptile house at a zoo, and Dan was entertaining and passionate about his hobby.  There, we got our first woma!

Our first woma!

Our first woma!

Our first woma!

Our first woma!

Now, you may ask yourself “why did they type ‘pet(s)’ the way they did at the beggining?”, and here is why.  As we mentioned earlier, we had bought the albino corn snake as Mary’s first snake.  When we got to Dan’s repti-wonderland, the first snake we got to hold was a 6 foot carpet python that we named Garfield, for the time being, because he was so cool and calm.  Mary immediately became infatuated with Garfield and before even discussing it, we were already making plans in our heads to sell the corn snake and put those resources into a Jaguar cross Carpet python from Dan!

This is a Jaguar cross Carpet Python, male - 6ft.  Mary wants one after meeting this one.

This is a Jaguar cross Carpet Python, male – 6ft. Mary wants one after meeting this one.

So we sold the albino corn snake to a friend of ours and passed on the savings we got from Dan, and now we are awaiting Mary’s new first snake.  You see, Dan had some week-old carpet python babies.  Dan has good breeder and business ethics, and in the reptile world that means that you don’t sell animals that are not established eaters and health.  Good man!

Some of the other critter we saw…

6 inches and still growing!

6 inches and still growing!

Albino Pac Man Frog

Moon Crabs

A tub full!

A tub full!

We have 2 snakes for now and we are sticking to the Aussie theme for now with our 2, soon 3 pythons.  We will update you all on this subject when we get “Muncher”, our carpet python.  Until then, we want to also mention that we have a Green Tree Python; the carpet python will be our third Aussie Python.

Overall, Repti-Con 2013 in Navarre, FL was a great experience and the beaches there are a great site.  We missed the going to the famous butterfly house as they were closed by the time we were able to make it there.  The drive was scenic and as always, we thrift where we can….but that’s a another post.  ;-]




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